Complex and quality service

We are committed to providing the best possible and professional services. Customer's opinion always matters to us. From the outset, the quality of performance is a priority for our company and all its employees. Even the leading engineering enterprises can fully confirm this priority.

Machinery service and repair

We carry out common and medium repairs of machinery and equipment. Quality care ensures satisfaction and continuous hassle free growth of all our customers. Repairing machines and detecting their cause of failure prevents the occurrence of other future defects, therefore reducing additional maintenance and time cost. The process of every repair is always consulted with customer first.

Do you want to prevent future equipment failures? Our company also performs preventive inspections and regular machine servicing. Preventive inspections will provide you with regular maintenance and timely planning of larger maintenance scopes. Depending on the type of machine, the service routine includes also geometry, lubrication and/or grease refill etc.

We provide repairs of machine tools such as:

lathe, milling machine, planer, shaping machine, horizontal boring machine

Repairs of forming machines:

press brake, eccentric press, (punch) perforating die

And equipment repairs:

saw, coiling machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic die-casting machine, shearing machine, grinding machine, nut screwing machine, crane (hoist, runway crane, forklift, cart), roller conveyor, transmission

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