Complex and quality service

We are committed to providing the best possible and professional services. Customer's opinion always matters to us. From the outset, the quality of performance is a priority for our company and all its employees. Even the leading engineering enterprises can fully confirm this priority.

Moving machinery and equipment

Do you need to move the machinery of your company? Are you expanding your production or just changing the layout of your machines? Do you need to assemble piping systems for new machines and workplaces?

Our company will provide you with comprehensive and quality services. Not only will we transport the machine to the given place, but we will then proceed to anchor it, equilibrate and connect it (wiring, air, oil, water).
We move machines up to 120 tons. Our services have the appropriate insurance. In case of moving machinery of value higher than our insurance coverage, additional insurance pose no trouble.

Offer of services

  • inspection of transported objects and the given areas for the optimal use of equipment, transport and labor
  • cost estimate and time schedule (transport, cranes, disconnecting, connecting, machine assembly)
  • packaging and conserving of machines
  • placing machines and their anchoring and equilibration
  • disconnecting and subsequent reconnecting of machines (disassembly and assembly of hydraulics, air conditioning, electric disconnection and connection of distributors including additional components)

For production workshops, halls and new workplaces we also provide:

  • installation of pipe distribution – distribution of compressed air, distribution of cooling water, heating, pipe distribution of mat. PPR, steel pipes Zn, PE stainless pipes and Cv pipes
  • Installation of vacuuming and ventilation units including pipe connection
  • assembly and installation of pumps including piping connections
  • welding works using el. arc, flame, MIG, MAG and TIG

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